Critical acclaim for Currents

“Australian musical polymath Kevin Parker’s luscious new album takes psychedelic music into unknown territory.”
The Guardian – 5 Stars ***** (Album of the Week)

“Transcendental pop of the highest order.”
Evening Standard – 5 Stars *****

“Sublime… This is the work of a singular talent with his own vision. The full realisation of his unbridled sonic adventures… The big time beckons.”
The Sun – 5 Stars *****

“Parker’s finest achievement yet, with the lavish soundscapes and dense atmospherics anchored with undeniably catchy hooks… His great alt-pop opus.”
Q – 4 Stars **** (Album of the Month)

“Beautifully-constructed… By mutating his heavy genes into something slicker, shinier and stranger, he’s shifted Tame Impala into a new phase.”
MOJO – 4 Stars **** (Album of the Month)

“The Aussie psych-rock genius moves on.”
Uncut – 8/10 (Album of the Month)

“Currents’ is an audiophile’s wet dream, the layer-cake arrangements suggesting Parker as a natural heir to Brian Wilson’s studio wizardry… An artist at the peak of his powers.”
NME – 8/10 (Album of the Week)

“Kevin Parker makes plenty of bold moves on his third album as frontman of Tame Impala. Guitar-driven psychedelia takes a back seat as he delves into pop and dance”
The Daily Mail – 5 Stars *****

“Australia’s don of stoner psych-pop… With each record, Parker has revealed a different facet of TI’s universe and now their effects-drenched, 1960s-style psychedelic pop has mutated into warped R&B-disco. Different vehicle, same dizzying trip.”
Metro – 4 Stars **** (Album of the Week)

“From the serpentine melody on Gossip, to the glistening disco of The Less I Know The Better, to the lush mea culpa of ‘Cause I’m A Man, this is beautiful and bold.”
Sunday Times (Album of the Week)

“Currents sounds sumptuous, glistening with lush layers to linger over… If the challenge of any trailblazer is to stay ahead of the trail blazed, then Kevin Parker is up to it.”
The Independent On Sunday – 4 Stars **** (Album of the Week)

“Tame Impala have evolved into a satisfyingly altered form.”
Record Collector – 4 Stars **** (New Album Of The Month)

“A brilliantly vibrant and coruscating inter-dimensional tapestry… Kevin’s place in the annals of pop is assured.”
London In Stereo (Album of the Month)

“No one whizzes up acid-fried 60s psychedelia with electronica quite as deliciously as Tame Impala.”
Mixmag – 8/10

“Currents dives off into bold and optimistic new waters.”
DIY – 4 Stars ****

“Each track is packed with ideas… Currents is complex and intriguing and quite unlike anything Tame Impala have done before.”
The Times – 4 Stars ****

“Australia’s one man marvel Kevin Parker continues to redesign pop in his own image… Enthralling”
The Mirror – 4 Stars ****

“It’s experimental pop, but under the sun-renched reverb of tracks like Cause I’m A Man and Eventually and killer hooks Brian Wilson would be proud of.”

“While the sonic tools have changed, the spirit of adventure remains, as does the sense of a record you could lose yourself in.”
Mail On Sunday

“A triumph, Currents is utterly unlike anything you’ll hear this year.”

“Parker’s songs are psychedelic wonders.”