Critical acclaim for Phantom Radio:

“Mark Lanegan deserves elevation to the front rank of modern rock artists and Phantom Radio may be the album to finally force that shift in public percetion. Unlike most gothic pop, Lanegan’s art is not a matter of fashion or mascara: it’s a genuine cri du coeur, as rare and beautiful as anything in music”
The Independent – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)

“It’s fantastic, these unfamiliar surroundings – be it the Moroderesque shimmer of Floor Of The Ocean or the imperial synths of Waltzing In Blue – lending Lanegan’s songs a fresh new bite. A brave inspired step into the unknown.”
MOJO – 4 Stars ****

“That ancient-sounding voice, seemingly hewn from rock’s substrata, has always worked as a drone in its own right, and here it’s matched by keyboards that shimmer behind, as if Lee Hazlewood were performing early-80s New Order.”
Q – 4 Stars ****

“A beautiful set that balances Lanegan’s ongoing love of blues and folk with further explorations of the electronic terrain he explored on 2012’s Blues Funeral”
Uncut – 8/10

“Phantom Radio builds on the electro leanings of 2012’s Blues Funeral, taking us back to the gloomier bits of the 1980s, with the transitional Joy Division/New Order a reference point… Long-time fans will lap up Torn Red Heart, the prettiest thing he has created outside of his Isobel Campbell collaborations”
The Sunday Times (Album Of The Week)

“A career highlight… The Superb ‘Floor Of The Ocean’ could be the Sisters Of Mercy covering Joy Division, while ‘Torn Red Heart’ might be the most beautiful love song Lanegan has ever recorded”
The Guardian – 4 Stars ****

“Lanegan carries his burdens with conviction and deceptive range. ‘Floor Of The Ocean’ is a synth-blues beauty, while the gorgeous post-punk hymnal ‘Torn Red Heart’, spotlights his timeless way with rueful songs of bruised fatalism.”
The Independent On Sunday – 4 Stars ****

“Mark Lanegan focuses his latest album around his love of krautrock and British post-punk… Phantom Radio proves that there’s not just mileage left in him still, but that he’s going to lead us to many more places yet.”
DIY – 4 Stars ****

“Depite writing much of Phantom Radio on a phone app called Funk Box, Mark Lanegan boasts a melodic elegance more commonly associated with a classical orchestra… A graceful record that brings out the very best in the gruff veteran.”
NME – 8/10

“His voice, if anything, is getting better with age – grittier by the year and more soulful… There’s no faking this kind of quality.”
Classic Rock – 8/10

“Rich in blood, sweat and atmospherics… With no sign of any creative let-up as he approaches his 50th birthday, its time to tune in and feel the spirit”
The Mirror – 4 Stars ****