Critical acclaim for The Waterfall

“After 15 years and six albums, the 21st century cosmic cowboys confirm their cosmic legend.”
MOJO – 4 Stars **** (Album Of The Month)

“The Waterfall finds them back doing what they do best. ‘Believe (Nobody Knows)’ is a sky-scraping anthem complete with strafing solos, while an epic ‘Spring (Among The Living)’ ripples with cosmic wonder. On this form, there’s no one to touch them.”
Q – 4 Stars ****

“My Morning Jacket sound refreshed and ready to demonstrate the fullness of their range… There’s plenty her to convince newcomers of their enduring worth.”
Evening Standard – 4 Stars **** (Album Of The Week)

“Bandleader Jim James and co-produer Tucker Martine have created a big canvas for MMJ’s sun-blushed country rock while avoiding any note of pompsity… ‘James’s voice is spellbindingly gorgeous, particularly on the closing track, ‘Only memories Remain’, a late night lament to lost youth.”
The Guardian – 4 Stars ****

“Always prey to their psychedelic tendencies, here MMJ swallow the full tab and dive headfirst into a whirlpool of supposition, analogy and swirling guitars…”
The Independent – 4 Stars **** (Album Of The Week)

“Their latest LP adds notes of US 1980s soft rock and prog to their sound without compromising the integrity or emotional impact of their lustrous songs. There is heavenly harmony in abundance here.”
Metro – 4 Stars ****

“With so many US rock bands being devoid of vision, it is now down to bands like My Morning Jacket to carry the creative flame. Their seventh studio effort again explores their heady mix of fluid, expansive rock with distinct flavours of R&B. And, at the centre of it all, is that pure, sweet, powerful voice.”
The Sun – 4 Stars ****

“Despite the crossroads much of The Waterfall suggests, the band and their leader seem wholly, spiritually aligned – thrillingly so, in fact.”
Record Collector – 4 Stars **** (New Album Of The Month)

“A glorious pop record, first and foremost, their seventh album is a masterclass in assimilating different musical styles, from the West Coast rock meets Motown of ‘Compound Fracture to the Philly-soul flavoured Thin Line.”
Sunday Express – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week)

“The Waterfall turns easily like the seasons: from light to dark, soft to heavy, from heady psych and heavy prog to ‘80s MTV-rock, fluting country, steamy R&B and soul, and possesses a beguiling Janus-like quality, at once looking to the past and gazing into the future with open-hearted warmth and curiosity.”
Uncut – 7/10

“An album that re-affirms their position as the premium purveyors of cosmic Americana.”
Shindig – 5 Stars *****

“When its good, it’s very good… ‘Thin Line’ is gorgeous, and ‘Get The Point’ has a lovely, hazy poignancy, like Death Cab For Cutie covering Fred Neil’s ‘Everybody’s Talkin’.”
Classic Rock – 8/10

“Jim James’s band return in fine form. They’re still hungry and songs such as the title track dazzle with radiant, suite-like departures.”
The Mirror – 4 Stars ****

“A return to the classic My Morning Jacket sound, with dramatic crescendos, anthemic choruses and the Jim James voice in fine fettle.”
The Sunday Times

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