Critical acclaim for A Deeper Understanding:

“The most vivid War On Drugs album, a shimmering chrome dream caught between heartland and the heavens.”
The Observer – 4 Stars **** (Album of the Week)

“Even more perfect than Lost In The Dream, marrying classic American–myth songcraft with soundscapes that thrum with ambient complexity.” Sunday Times (Album of the Week)

“Mesmerising… A Deeper Understanding is an album full of spiritual yearning, with songs that burn long and bright.”
The Telegraph – 4 Stars **** (Album of the Week)

“The War on Drugs’ most open celebration of their more earnest side, full of big-hearted songs of loss and loneliness… A wide-eyed look into the wild blue yonder.”
The Guardian – 4 Stars ****

“Another road trip between the cosmic and the classic. Gloriously realised.”
– 4 Stars ****

“Some of the richest, most compelling music of Granduciel’s career.”
Uncut – 8/10

“Stunning… A huge, classic–sounding album, full of Springsteenian gusto and catchy, riff–tastic heartland rock moments of glory.”
NME – 4 Stars ****

“The Philadelphia band conjure up some of Springsteen’s epic American narratives… The record serves as a majestic swansong to the summer.”

“Adam Granduciel is now the world’s leading exponent of sprawling Americana and mournful highway ballads. One to soundtrack your next US road trip.”

“There’s more definition to The War On Drugs’ fourth album… The group are on the cusp of arena status.”
Evening Standard – 4 Stars ****

“The War On Drugs match guitar virtuosity to textured electronic soundscapes to thrilling effect.”
The Sun – 4 Stars ****

“A pulsing soundscape that burns with desire and emotion, The War On Drugs showcase their beautifully constructed, richly textured sound… Their finest work to date.”
Future Music – 8/10 (Album Of The Month)

“Granduciel channels his inner Springsteen, layering sonic intricacies with glinting clarity… The destination is clear: to arenas, with Granduciel mapping his own route there.”
Record Collector – 4 Stars ****

“The War On Drugs in all their widescreen American road–trip glory… One of the albums of the year.”
Long Live Vinyl – 9/10

“Another sprawling, ambitious epic that straddles classic rock and psychedelia… An album that takes you on a journey through a lush, endlessly inviting wash of sound.”
Guitar & Bass – 9/10

“Packs a Springsteen-like expansiveness.”

“The finest exponents of Americana indie rock on the planet.”
London In Stereo

“An enveloping listen that undeniably wears its heart on its sleeve.”
Total Guitar – 4 Stars ****

“Another superb work which manages to push the band’s sound forward without compromising the charms of its predecessors.”
DORK – 4 Stars ****